Parc Botannia Condo Thanggam LRT Sing Development Wee Hur Development

Parc Botannia Condo Thanggam LRT Sing Development Wee Hur Development. Near to Jalan Kayu and Seletar Mall beside Thangamm LRT Station

Sengkang Town Parc Botannia Condo at Fernvale Road

In Chinese, Sengkang means “prosperous harbour.” Sengkang town surrounded by rubber estates and fishing villages. Singapore introduced Newtown concept to handle their growing population and clearing slum area after getting freedom from Malaysia on 1965. Sengkang located in North-East Region and surrounded by Seletar, Paya Lebar, Serangoon and Ang Mo Kio.

Today, Sengkang town with the official population of 219,380 based on 2015, the census is one of 55 planning areas, which comes under the development guide plan (DGP zones) of Singapore. Singapore’s New town expertise recognized by United Nations in 1992 by rewarding honourable World Habitat Award. Parc Botannia is located next to Sengkang MRT Station and Thanggam LRT Station. The developer is Sing Development Holdings and Wee Hur Development.

Sengkang Town Parc Botannia Condo

Under the supervision of Singapore’s Housing and Development Board, Sengkang became one of the well-planned satellite suburban towns in North-Eastern part. These independent townships include housing units, city center, flats, and other comforts. Being a resident in Sengkang town, you no longer need to get outside the city to buy anything. The township includes all amenities such as hospitals, educational system, health care facility, malls, residential area, sports arena and so on. The town surrounded by many industrial estates and anyone can find a job with ease.

Sungei Punggol and Serangoon are the two rivers that spread greenery through their banks. These two rivers flow across attractive neighbourhood places such as
– Sengkang Riverside Park.
– Sengkang Hockey Stadium.
– Sengkang Sculpture Park.
-Punggol Park.
-Punggol New Town.
-Anchorvale Community Centre.
-Compass Point Shopping Centre

Sengkang MRT Station Fernvale Road

Sengkang town is well integrated with all these places through public transportation. The rail tunnels lied across Sengkang’s infrastructures such a way that commuters could move from one location to another location without much trouble.

Sengkang town was known to be first residential satellite town in Singapore. The public transport connected all the seven sub-zones of Sengkang town that cut across the suburban and commercial building which allows commuters seamless travel to different locations in Sengkang town and its neighbours.
The two-primary mode of transportation are \
1. Sengkang MRT/LRT.
2. Sengkang Bus Interchange.

Wee Hur Development and Sing Development Parc Botannia

Cultural diversity includes how people are reacting to other groups beliefs and behaviour. Sengkang town had individuals with a different religious background such as Christians, Buddhist, Hindus, and Islamist.
Look at some of the godly religious places,
Sengkang Methodist Church. (Christian)
St Anne’s Church. (Christian)
Chong Yee Temple. (Buddhist)
Ubin Thai Buddhist Temple (Buddhist)
Sri Mariamman Muneeswarar Temple (Hindu)
Velmurugan Gnanamuneeswarar Temple (Hindu)
Al-Mawaddah Mosque (Islam)

Now, Singapore’s HDB is planning the town, looking ahead of 21st-century building residential and malls lots lot more amenities. Sengkang town is a safest and better place to live with all the amenities much needed for one’s life.