Parc Botannia Condo Thanggam LRT Sing Development Wee Hur Development

Parc Botannia Condo Thanggam LRT Sing Development Wee Hur Development. Near to Jalan Kayu and Seletar Mall beside Thangamm LRT Station

Jalan Kayu Eateries Near to Parc Botannia Thanggam LRT Station

Parc Botannia Condo by Wee Hur Development and Sing Development near to Jalan Kayu Eateries along Fernvale Road

Have you visited Singapore? Singapore is one of the favourite tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. This city state offers a variety of tourist spots. For most Western travellers, traveling to Singapore is apparently still one of the hardest choices to reject. Singapore is full of various cultures; Chinese, Malay, Indian, and so forth. The cultural diversity is one of the attractions, as well as many other attractions such as monuments, Marina Bay, ancient temples, and annual cultural festivals. There are many delicacies at Jalan Kayu and it is also near to Parc Botannia Condo which is right beside Thanggam LRT Station at Fernvale Road

Things to Eat and Do at Jalan Kayu Eateries

Tourism in a country will not exist if not supported by the quality of culinary. With diverse cultural backgrounds, Singapore offers a diverse range of good cuisines. You can try cuisines from various countries in Asia; most of them are available in Singapore. Almost all places in Singapore offer good cuisine but some of them are even famous to foreign countries. One of the places you do not want to ignore is Jalan Kayu. This is a street in Singapore, famous for its classic scenery and of course its culinary!

Jalan Kayu Delicious Eats Near to Parc Botannia

The Jalan Kayu is a pathway flanked by shop houses that mostly sell foods and beverages. This is one of the culinary paradises in Singapore. As long as you look, the colonial houses will always “lurk” you, bringing you tens of years back. For history lovers, Jalan Kayu is the last thing they want to forget. To reach this charming street you only need 20 minutes from Orchard Road by car. The development is by Wee Hur and Sing Development located at Fernvale Road near to Seletar Mall.

Local Eating Place Jalan Kayu Thanggam LRT Station

You can find a variety of good food here but in this article I will focus more on Roti Prata. This is a kind of bread coated by the herbs of Kari and served with hot coffee or tea as a complement. Cooked by frying with a flat grill, this food is often also served with pieces of meat, chicken, mushrooms, cheese, and some fruits. You must try it!

You can find some stores selling Roti Prata but some culinary experts recommend Thasevi. This little shop is considered to offer a thicker Kari spice. The recommended time to enjoy the typical Singaporean dish is the afternoon. Along with the times, Roti Prata is made in several versions, adapting to the flavor of the tourists. If you do not like spices that are too spicy then you can try the Indonesian version. As we know, the number of Indonesian tourists is one of the largest; therefore some Singaporean dishes are tailored to the taste of Indonesians. Now, are you interested?