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Sengkang General and Community Hospital

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017:

The Sengkang Health is part of the SingHealth Academic Medical Centre and they have an ongoing project, the Sengkang General Hospital which will be tagged as one of Singapore’s largest hospital in the region once it is completed. It boasts a 1,400 bed capacity which assures better treatment and can accommodate the growing population in the Northeast part of Singapore particularly in Sengkang, Punggol, Hougang and Pasir Ris.

Sengkang Health Near to Parc Botannia Condo

The services they offer is generally community-based care. As part of Singapore government projects, there are constructions of Sengkang General and Community Hospital which will provide quality healthcare to Singaporeans. The expertise offered is from the wide network and tertiary hospitals. And as part of the project, they will partner with care physicians and long-term care so they can offer more community-based care especially to the residents of northeast Singapore. Sengkang General and Community Hospital is close to Parc Botannia Condo by Sing Development and Wee Hur Development. It is next to Sengkang MRT Station.

The Sengkang health is working closely with various community groups mainly in the Northeast to build healthier and allows residents to participate actively to be aware of their own wellness.
With their vision of Better Health Together to life — “Healthy Living; Fulfilling Life”, it is their conscious efforts to find all possible ways that Sengkang Health can be of help and support the welfare of the residents.

Sengkang General and Community Hospital

They are very committed to their goal to provide awareness to the residents that healthcare is very important and should be treated seriously. It is not just about being sick and receiving treatment but it is one way of a resident or person to be responsible in achieving not only their physical health but as well as their mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. In this way, they can promote a healthy living environment and can live their lives to the fullest.

Sengkang Health Hospital Fernvale Road Sengkang

This kind of job at Sengkang General and Community Hospital is a give and take process and it needs a whole lot of helping hands to better achieve the vision, mission and the goals of the group. So what they do is they deliver whole, complete, informed and encourage care and partnership with all the community groups. They are doing constant research and acquire knowledge so the medical team will have a deep understanding and updated information and knowledge and expertise to assure the community that they will get the right care they need. They also make sure that they listen to the community groups about their interests, needs and concerns so these will be address correctly and to have a smooth sailing and positive journey towards wellness.

They also launched a project called Millennia Kids Programme which also helps closely with their vision to work with community partners and encourage the youth of Singapore to participate in volunteering opportunities and to be ambassadors for healthy living. And not only that, it will also promote awareness to help them learn to eat healthy, do sports and avoid bad habits.

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